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The African Sky family includes people from different countries, generations, and socio-economic backgrounds. We unite as a family to nourish creative approaches for reducing extreme poverty and hunger. In the testimonials below some of our project partners and supporters share their thoughts on why they appreciate being part of the African Sky family. Please tell us why you enjoy volunteering, supporting, or reading about African Sky!

"Interning for a semester as the communications director, I was blessed with the opportunity to interview a number of dedicated, impassioned members of the African Sky family. Their stories of Mali and its people were so vivid and alive with joy and love that I felt as though I myself was standing in the villages by their side, in the mix of smiles, tears and dancing. Through their contagious compassion I felt connected with the African Sky family, and was fortunate enough to be able to help them tell their inspiring story." - Alexandra Fylypovych

"I support African Sky because it is an amazing organization that contributes to the improvement of life in Mali. Although all of African Sky's projects are important, the building of schools, teacher supply money, and adult literacy, is closest to my heart. I know that the money that I contribute is being used wisely to make a difference in people's lives. I look forward to the yearly auction to hear Scott Lacy speak about all of African Sky's accomplishments!" - Marybeth Mindreau

"The International Business and Marketing Institute at Stow-Munroe Falls High School always supports an international cause. With Scott Lacy being a Stow alumni, the class wanted to support African Sky. The students' goal is to finance a new school in Mali. This brings Mali into the classroom and gives the students a connection to global issues and an understanding that they can make a difference anywhere around the world." - Lisa Mowls

"The wonderful souls at African sky are creating an absolutely beautiful endeavor. Touching and empowering the lives of men, women and children in Mali communities. Teaching and then entrusting men with the task of building schools, empowering women to develop skills in the free market to support their families and educating children to help ensure a more successful future. Awesome! " - Judi Gardner