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Meet Colleen, Our New Education Program Director
March 8, 2013

African Sky proudly introduces you to Colleen Naughton, our new Education Program Director. Colleen was a remarkable Peace Corps volunteer in Mali, and she is currently completing her Ph.D. at the University of South Florida. Recently Colleen developed and launched our third adult literacy program, and she recruited and mentored a brilliant local teacher, Elizabeth Traore.

As Director of our Education Program, Colleen will manage and embolden our education-oriented projects. With the Soumabougou School built, we are ready to build another school in 2013. As an engineer with three years of experience in Mali, our adult literacy programs, our campaign to build schools, and all of our education projects are in terrific hands. I am grateful and excited that Colleen has agreed to join us, and I encourage you to extend a warm welcome to our talented, tri-athlete engineer of a program director.

Get to know Colleen by reading her introductory message to the African Sky family:

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Colleen Naughton and I have had the most recent honor to become the new Education Program Director of African Sky.

Currently, I am a doctorate candidate in civil engineering at the University of South Florida (USF). This past November (2012) I returned from Mali after serving there in the Peace Corps as a water and sanitation extension agent since July 2009. I am part of the Master's International program at USF that combines the Peace Corps with research. I enrolled in this program after obtaining my Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering at Purdue University in May 2008. The majority of my PC service was in a small village, Zeala, of about 700 people just 50 miles north of Bamako. I first worked with African Sky as the National Coordinator of the Gender and Development committee where we were working on a closer partnership between African Sky and the PC. This has unfortunately been postponed due to recent political instability in Mali and the subsequent evacuation of Peace Corps.

I returned to Mali after the evacuation to finish my research and continued working with African Sky. Currently, I am working with African Sky to manage a cereal bank and literacy project in my village. Through working with African Sky, I found myself wanting to be more involved so that I may not only continue to serve and stay connected to my village post PC but Mali in general. As the new Education Program director I will be managing our current projects (schools and literacy trainings) while developing our program mission and objectives and design our projects in 2013. I am thrilled to begin my new role in African Sky.

Thank you for making our work possible. Aw ni ce! (Thank you) Ala k'an deme! (May god help us)

If you ever have an idea about our education projects, please share it with Colleen.

- Scott Lacy
Executive Director