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Meet African Sky's Intern Alex Fylypovych
September 30, 2013

Hello to all! My name is Alexandra Fylypovych and I am interning with the African Sky family for the fall semester of the 2013-2014 academic year as a communications director.

I am in my senior year at Fairfield University, majoring in Journalism and Environmental Studies (an individually designed major with which Dr. Lacy helped immensely) and minoring in Professional Writing. Currently, I am the President of Leaders for Environmental Action at Fairfield (LEAF), the student-led environmental club on campus. Our events have focused on raising student awareness about the importance of sustainable living through events including: documentaries, recycling campaigns and informational festivals. As we move forward, our goal is to receive funding to pursue on-campus environmental projects geared towards lowering Fairfield's negative impact.

My summers have been devoted to pursuing opportunities associated with Environmental Studies. In June 2012, I studied abroad in Costa Rica, through the University of Georgia, researching Atta activity as well as leaf strength's correlation to herbivore activity. This past summer (2013), I lived in Nederland, Colorado working on the Alpine Treeline Warming Experiment, during which I kept a blog of my reflections and Coloradan adventures.

This semester, my work with African Sky will focus on my writing degrees, involving projects to increase communication and interaction among the African Sky community through increased web content. I am eager to gain experience and knowledge from the team as well as have the privilege to help exhibit the organization's humanitarian efforts.