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Because African Sky does not pay for travel expenses, organization salaries, or other costs, over 90% of every dollar you donate directly funds one of our projects in Mali. Because we believe in maximizing local resources and knowledge, it only takes a couple hundred dollars to make an immediate and positive impact on the lives of dozens and dozens of farming families. Despite our modest financial resources, African Sky completed 210 individual projects over the past 10 years.

Our Projects are organized according to our four service programs: Education, Community Health, Food Security, and Community Arts. As you review our current projects and project report archives, please contact us if you're interested in supporting our existing programs or if you have ideas for a new project. We post our project reports and project-specific budgets in the archive below to provide a means for donors to see exactly how we put their gifts to use in Mali.

  10 Schools, 1000 Lives
This year is a transformational year for our flagship campaign to build 10 schools with Malian communities. Last year we completed the Soumabougou school, which is now serving 70+ students. Yacouba and Oumar (our construction leaders) reported on their ideas for improving our concept and design, and we incorporated those ideas into a second, improved school design that will reduce materials and costs. African Sky elders proposed working with us on a secondary school to increase opportunities for their children who now must leave the village for a formal education beyond the sixth grade. Yacouba and Oumar report that due to the enthusiastic participation of the community, they will complete the Dissan Secondary School this fiscal year!

A young high school student from Nova Scotia led the campaign to sponsor this school. With help from her family, this inspired global citizen formed a group called Maritime Youth Standing Together (MYST). Hosting coffee shops/open mic events, talent shows, spaghetti dinners, and more, MYST will soon celebrate the completion of their sister school.

As with all of our schools, we partner with local communities who provide labor, food, and locally sourced materials. We also collaborate with regional government officials who agree to provide teachers for the schools we build. Together with our generous African Sky donors and volunteers, we are creating an exciting, community-based model for building schools. View our schools >>
  Adult Literacy
African Sky manages three adult literacy programs in three regions of Mali. In Dissan, local teacher Issa Sangare teaches young men and women basic reading, writing, and math. In Zeala, Elizabeth Traore teaches literacy to an enthusiastic group who hosts a wonderful annual celebration where students receive certificates. In Markala, our friends in the community group ABEF, along with Tamba Traore, organize a nine-month literacy and math program with women, young and old. As part of our 10 Schools, 1000 Lives campaign, we will work with local communities to build two adult literacy centers for this critical program. We will build these two centers to serve adults who never had the opportunity to go to primary school.
Each year, as part of our popular Giving Tree campaign, some of our donors respond to the call to sponsor a student for one school year. The support includes money for clothing and all school materials. In addition, the funds provide grain (up to 200kg) to supplement family food supplies. Some children do not attend school because their parents need farm/household labor; the grain permits a poor family to send a child to school without compromising family food security. This year we are supporting 10 students from 3 different regions in Mali (Koulikoro region, Kokele region, Markala region).
  School Supplies & Support
Through our annual Giving Tree campaign and from private donations, African Sky provides modest school supplies and support to rural and peri-urban teachers and classrooms. This year we donated books; teachers' supplies like pens, chalk, paints, and more; and we provided modest funds for routine school building and latrine maintenance in the Kokele area near Bougouni. Rather than collect and deliver donated supplies, we purchase supplies in Mali from local merchants in open-air markets. This strategy bolsters the local economy, whereas delivering donated supplies from the US would undermine local business.
  African Sky Kenya
African Sky Kenya is a community development project started by three Emory University graduates, Caleb Mooty, Ryan Badger, and Steve Feldman. Through placement in a rural school in the East Seme district, Caleb, Ryan, and Steve engaged in community development activities through teaching and managing extra-curricular youth activities. Now, African Sky Kenya provides several college scholarships to promising students. This year they provided four scholarships to students, two of which will celebrate their graduation.

  Giving Tree -Goats & Chickens for rural families
Some of our Giving Tree donors choose to purchase goats and chickens to invest in hard-working farm families. We purchase and deliver these animals during the hungry season (period before harvest when food supplies are lowest).
  Giving Tree-Community Cereal Bank
Some of our Giving Tree donors supported our annual cereal bank budget. We use these funds to assist community organizations that are developing or strengthening a community cereal bank. We also provide cereal bank consulting, but that service is a free service that is no-cost for our donors.
  Hungry Season Secret Food Assistance (annual project)
Between planting and harvesting annual crops, Malians endure what we call "the hungry season." Until the new harvest comes in, household food supplies dwindle... each year, 10-20 families in Dissan (for example) run out of grain completely. Hungry Season assistance provides food insecure families with a supply of grain to supplement the household until harvest. To avoid stigmatizing hungry families, our project team quietly delivers this grain without our normal project protocol requiring an open village meeting.
  Garden Booster Project
Gardens provide families, women's associations, entrepreneurs, and schools with valuable opportunities for economic growth and nutritional/health gains. This recurring project provides a modest booster grant for a gardener or gardening group with a plan for improving their gardens.

  The Dokotoro Project
African Sky is a partner of the Dokotoro Project. This project is translating and producing a critical community health resource—a book called Where There is No Doctor. Project translators are developing an updated version of this popular book into Bamanakan, a local language for the majority of people in southern Mali.

The book has been used by millions of health workers, Peace Corps (worldwide), and others who did not or do not have access (geographical and/or financial) to professional health care. African supports the Dokotoro Project as a donor and fiscal sponsor of the project.
  Household Health Relief
When families in our partner communities fall into crisis due to a major health emergency, African Sky tries to provide urgent assistance. In previous years, these funds have been used to purchase medicine, food, and to pay for hospital bills and transportation. A regular supporter of this annual project is our Giving Tree campaign, in which donors choose how their donations will be used in Mali. Some donate medicine and "fruit baskets" for mothers, while others provide bed nets or rural pharmacy supplies.

  African Sky Podcast
The African Sky Podcast is currently being developed. The podcast will feature interviews and discussions on Mali, its culture, arts, and music, updates on development initiatives, and more. The first episode will feature Dr. Scott Lacy sharing his experience of Mali, his work in Dissan and elsewhere as an anthropologist and cross cultural knowledge broker, the story of African Sky, and the organization's current projects and initiatives. Additional episodes in-the-making will feature Banning of Eyre of Afropop; interviews and discussions on Malian music with U.S.-based independent, fair trade-inspired record label, Kanaga System Krush; an episode detailing "The Epic of Sundiata", the epic poem chronicling the rise of the Empire of Mali; and more. Stay tuned to the African Sky website and social media for details on the forthcoming release of the podcast.
  Little Eagles Youth Soccer
Founded by former collegiate soccer player Rob Steller, Little Eagles has spread to three communities. The Malian directors of this energetic youth soccer program organize tournaments and leagues in three communi ties. The program parallels youth soccer programs in the U.S.; coaches and leagues teach Little Eagles players much more than soccer, through soccer. Idrissa Samake leads our league on the outer edges of Bamako (Mali's capital city). Sekou Kante leads our league in the Sangarebougou section of Bamako, and Issa Sangare leads our league in the Kokele region near Bougouni, Mali. For less than $900, hundreds of children and dozens of neighborhoods enjoy and embrace Little Eagles soccer. Visit the Little Eagles facebook page for updates and scores from tournaments and league play!
  Tamba's Markala Project
Tamba Traore is the Regional Director for African Sky in the Segou and Markala area in central Mali. Tamba is a remarkable community-oriented citizen. For decades he has helped neighbors and family with everything from prescriptions and school fees to food and shelter. After he graciously agreed to join the African Sky family, we established an annual "Tamba Project" which provides funds for community development and emergency household assistance in the Markala region. Tamba's funds support students in need of food or medicine, women's literacy and social entrepreneurism, and more. Dozens of our volunteers and supporters have visited Markala and been hosted by Tamba. This project honors one of the kindest hosts and leaders with whom we have the honor to work.
  Small Enterprise Hope & Promise Fund
African Sky has always worked with Malian partners who developed low-cost, high-return business plans that fulfill a secondary purpose: fostering community and reducing extreme poverty. This year African Sky will provide start-up and improvement funds for up to four social entrepreneurs in four different communities. Our most exciting project is the development of a large-scale chicken and egg operation that started last fiscal year. Bourama in Dissan is building this business to supply a large regional market with bulk buyers who serve even larger markets.