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10 Schools, 1,000 Lives!

The 10 Schools, 1000 Lives project invokes core African Sky values: community participation, locally sourced materials, environmental stewardship, and universal access to primary school education. Our unique construction technique includes community-based brick making using local earth. As strong as concrete block, our bricks use 95% less cement than conventional construction blocks in Mali! Significant reductions in cement use equates to significant reductions in the environmental impact of the "10 Schools, 1000 Lives" project.

Most of our schools are three-room buildings that serve grades one through six. We are currently in the process of building a rural secondary school with the community in which we built our first primary school. Most Malian 6th graders, particularly rural populations do not go on to 7th grade, partially because they typically must move away from home to attend middle school.

Two of our ten schools will serve adults, young and old, who were unable to attend school when they were younger. These two literacy centers will provide basic instruction in reading, writing, and math. The instruction and lessons are in Bamanakan, the lingua franca of southern Mali.

By connecting communities and individuals in North America and Mali, the African Sky family will build ten schools in rural Mali. We work with local officials and communities to forge unique partnerships:

  1. African Sky provides material and technical support for school construction
  2. Host communities provide some building materials and primary labor source
  3. Local officials and government provide teacher salaries (in perpetuity)
  4. Mali children communicate w/ US counterparts as cultural exchange