Episode 1: Scott Lacy, Founder, African Sky

The African Sky Podcast (with host Adam Klein)
Episode 1: Scott Lacy, Founder, African Sky


In the inaugural African Sky podcast, Host Adam Klein talks with African Sky founder Scott Lacy about his Peace Corps experience, founding the organization, his philosophy of sustainable development, the future of African Sky and U.S.-Malian partnerships in the post-Peace Corps Mali era, as well as his work tracking the famed sorghum seed, bemba, throughout Mali.   

Produced by Adam Klein 

Engineered by Ben Holst of Tunewelders at 800 East Studios, Atlanta, GA

Edited by Seth Samuel

Original music from the album Dugu Wolo by Lassine Kouyate (Adam Klein)


Dissan – village in Sikasso Region of Mali where Scott served as a Peace Corps Volunteer, performed field work as a Fulbright Scholar, and developed the initial African Sky projects.

Markala – city north of Segou in the Segou Region of Mali. Home to African Sky Executive Advisor Tamba Traore.

ICRISAT – International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics

Eva Weltzien-Rattunde – Principal Scientist for Sorghum Breeding and Genetic resources at ICRISAT, 1998-2016. Scott’s mentor.

Fred Weltzien-Rattunde – Principal Scientist for Sorghum Breeding and Genetic resources at ICRISAT since 1997

Hectare – a measurement of land used in the metric system. 1 hectare = ~2.47 acres

Jatigi – in the Bamanakan language this term, in its simplest sense, mean “host.”  That said, hosting or hospitality in the Bamana tradition is an art of generosity.  Broken down, the term “ja” refers to the core of a person (somewhat akin to the concept of a person’s soul).  Then the term “tigi” means “holder.”  Together these ideas reveal that a jatigi is the “soul” holder of his or her guest.  They are responsible for their guests… heart, body, mind, and soul.  The artful jatigi tradition is celebrated as a defining cultural value of the Bamana people.  

Nyogon Movie – forthcoming film documenting Scott’s work alongside farmers in Dissan and beyond.

4 thoughts on “Episode 1: Scott Lacy, Founder, African Sky

  1. With the work and excitement you bring to it, Scott, there is more hope for our world. Thank you to bring this to others.

  2. As part of African Sky this was certainly a gift and punctuates the joy and pride of being part of the unique and powerful vision of cultural collaboration. Adam,Thank you for the thoughtful questions that capture our essence, history and vision. Loved the music as well!

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