Episode 3: Rahama Wright, Shea Yeleen International

The African Sky Podcast (with host Adam Klein)
Episode 3: Rahama Wright, Shea Yeleen International


Rahama Wright, founder of Shea Yeleen International, Inc., speaks about how her experience as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Mali led to the founding of Shea Yeleen, the story of the non-profit company and its community-centric model of supporting women’s shea cooperatives, the process of shea production and its uses, her experience participating on the President’s Advisory Council on Doing Business in Africa (PAC-DIA), and the state of African entrepreneurship. 

Produced by Adam Klein 

Engineered by Ben Holst of Tunewelders at 800 East Studios, Atlanta, GA

Edited by Seth Samuel

Original music from the album Dugu Wolo by Lassine Kouyate (Adam Klein)


Shea Yeleen International, Inc.– a social enterprise dedicated to empowering women in West Africa and the United States through the production, sale and use of shea butter products

PAC-DBIA (Presidents Advisory Council on Doing Business in Africa)- a Council established in 2014 by the Secretary of Commerce to connect American businesses with African partners, support existing and new American investment in Africa, expand access for American businesses to finance their exports to Africa and reduce barriers to trade and investment in Africa. 

Tamale– capital city of the Northern Region of Ghana, home to Shea Yeleen’s partner shea cooperatives.

For info about shea and shea butter (origin, benefits, and preparation), click here

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  1. Very interesting and inspiring, Thanks Adam for giving us an awareness of the great work people are
    doing the impact that together all are having on the world. Keep the pod casts coming!!

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