Episode 4: Mina Girgis, Ethnomusicologist

The African Sky Podcast (with host Adam Klein)
Episode 4: Mina Girgis, Ethnomusicologist


Ethnomusicologist Mina Girgis, Co-Founder and CEO of the groundbreaking musical ensemble and advocacy initiative The Nile Project, discusses the organization, its founding, creative process, and the musical exchange between West Africa and the Nile River basin.

Produced by Adam Klein 

Engineered by Ben Holst of Tunewelders at 800 East Studios, Atlanta, GA

Edited by Seth Samuel

Original music from the album Dugu Wolo by Lassine Kouyate (Adam Klein)


This episode was recorded in 2017 during The Nile Project’s 3-month long U.S. tour. The group’s latest album is Tana. Click here to learn more about the organization and its work.

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  1. Very interesting and exciting. Appreciate learning about this organization and the unique and creative ways they are collaborating to move forward on critical issues.

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