Episode 7: Carter Center Panel on Trachoma

The African Sky Podcast (with host Adam Klein)
The African Sky Podcast (with host Adam Klein)
Episode 7: Carter Center Panel on Trachoma

-IN THIS EPISODE- The African Sky Podcast is pleased to share this panel discussion regarding trachoma entitled “Seeing a Vibrant Future”,  held on October 18, 2018 as part of the Conversations at The Carter Center series. Special thanks to Emily Staub, Associate Director, Press liaison to Health Programs at The Carter Center for her coordination and permission to broadcast this program.

Trachoma is a leading cause of blindness, yet it is easily prevented with a readily available antibiotic, and its effects often can be halted with a short surgical procedure. For 20 years, The Carter Center has helped lead the charge against trachoma, but it is not alone in this effort.

Hear what the Center, the International Trachoma Initiative, and other partners are doing to control this painful disease and learn about Atlanta’s ever-expanding role in the battle to improve global health locally and abroad.

Moderator: Teya Ryan, CEO and President of Georgia Public Broadcasting


For information on The Carter Center and this series, click here

Edited, mixed and mastered from the original video footage by Jon Trujillo at 800 East Studios, Atlanta, Georgia

Original music from the album Dugu Wolo by Lassine Kouyate.

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