Episode 6: Banning Eyre

The African Sky Podcast (with host Adam Klein)
The African Sky Podcast (with host Adam Klein)
Episode 6: Banning Eyre

In this episode… Writer, guitarist, and producer Banning Eyre offers an insightful overview of Malian music. The conversation touches upon the various “types” of Malian music- from Mande and Wassoulou of the south to the Tuareg and Sonrai music of the desert north, the connection between West African music and the American blues, the current state of Malian music, his experience studying guitar in Bamako with Djelimady Tounkara and his associated book, In Griot Time, as well as his work as lead producer for the Peabody Award-winning public radio program, Afropop Worldwide. 

The episode mentions a number of Malian musicians of both the present and the past. While some do not have a significant web presence, the names of most of the musicians discussed are listed below, along with links to their music, additional information, etc.

Produced by Adam Klein

Recorded and engineered by Ben Holst of Tunewelders at 800 East, Atlanta, GA

Edited, mixed and mastered by Jon Trujillo at 800 East

Original music from the album Dugu Wolo by Lassine Kouyate 


In general order of “appearance” in this episode:

Wassoulou music:

Music of the North:

Additional artists and links:

New York-based Malian and world acts featured:

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