Episode 3: Winter 2018

-IN THIS EPISODE- Rahama Wright, founder of Shea Yeleen International, Inc., speaks about how her experience as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Mali led to the founding of Shea Yeleen, the story of the non-profit company and its community-centric model of supporting women’s shea cooperatives, the process of shea production and its uses, her experience participating on the President’s AdvisoryContinue reading Episode 3: Winter 2018

Episode 2: Fall 2017

-IN THIS EPISODE- Dr. Karim Traore, Associate Professor of Comparative Literature and Associate Director of the African Studies Institute at the University of Georgia, discusses the epic of Sundiata, Mande caste system, the role of the griot, as well as various aspects of the hunters’ guild and hunters’ epics in modern society. Produced by AdamContinue reading Episode 2: Fall 2017

Episode 1: Summer 2017

-IN THIS EPISODE- In the inaugural African Sky podcast, Host Adam Klein talks with African Sky founder Scott Lacy about his Peace Corps experience, founding the organization, his philosophy of sustainable development, the future of African Sky and U.S.-Malian partnerships in the post-Peace Corps Mali era, as well as his work tracking the famed sorghumContinue reading Episode 1: Summer 2017